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using Mail::Sender to send email with attachment
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I am using perl on a Windows XP workstation. I need to use a perl
script to send out an email with a html body and a pdf attachment.

I was able to use the following code to send out an email with html
body successfully, but I can't seem to add the attachment. when I tried
the Attach method, both the html and pdf showed as attachment.

Does anyone have an example on how to do this using Mail::Send?

(I tried MIME::LITE and got an error - "'sendmail' is not recognized as
an internal or external command ...". maybe Windows doesn't support

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

use Mail::Sender;

$htmlfile = 'C:\temp\my_perl\weekOne.html'; # Name the file
open IN, $htmlfile or die "Cannot open $htmlfile : $!\n";

$sender = new Mail::Sender{smtp => ''};

$sender->Open({ from => '(E-Mail Removed)', to => '(E-Mail Removed)',
subject => 'HTML test',
ctype => "text/html",
encoding => "quoted-printable"
}) or die $Mail::Sender::Error,"\n";

while (read IN, $buff, 4096) { $sender->SendEnc($buff) };
close IN;


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