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need some help in multiple pattern replacement

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      04-16-2006 Removed)d wrote:
> (E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> > Sorry Jurgen but thats not true I have not been asked to quote nor have
> > I done on purpose I rarely participate on groups so I don't know all of
> > the apologies to everyone

> Your apology is not genuine as you still did not quote any context.
> Anyway, you were asked at least once before to quote context:
> Sinan
> PS: You are already in my killfile, I just stumbled upon this thread
> while searching for something else.

Hello San. Good to see your working tonight's watch...give the boy a
chance ? I'm sure you weren't on your best behavious when you entered
the usenet scene...I'm sure he'll learn...

Now as for Mr. inderpaul_s...just a little piece of advise son
learn...and learn quickly the rules of the game as I'm sure San can
easily fill you in on. Am I right San or not ?

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Tad McClellan
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(E-Mail Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> thanks

Thank who for what?

> print "$string";

perldoc -q vars

What's wrong with always quoting "$vars"?

so make that:

print $string;

Tad McClellan SGML consulting
(E-Mail Removed) Perl programming
Fort Worth, Texas
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