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dup a lexical filehandle
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How do you dup a lexical file handle?

With old fashioned handles, you could do:

open my $new_fh, "<&FH" or die $!;

But I don't want to have FH, I need to use $fh.

In case this is an XY problem, what I'm trying to do is subclass a module
whose constructor only takes a filename, but I want my hands on the handle,
so I want to trick the super class into duping a handle when it ties to
open a file.

use strict;
use warnings;
use Data:umper;
my $x=Bar->new('/dev/random');
my $y=Bar->new('/dev/null');

# now $x and $y contain same handle, not separate ones.

package Legacy;
sub new {
my ($class, $name)=@_;
open SRC, $name or die "$name $!";
my $self={content=>[map ord scalar <SRC>,1..10]};
close SRC;
bless $self, $class;

package Bar;
use Carp;
our @ISA=qw(Legacy);
sub new {
my ($class,$name)=@_;
open (Bar::FH, $name) or die "$name $!";
# Maybe lock FH here
my $self=Legacy->new('<&Bar::FH');
# do other stuff with FH here, maybe even store it:
bless $self, $class;



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Anno Siegel
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<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in comp.lang.perl.misc:
> How do you dup a lexical file handle?
> With old fashioned handles, you could do:
> open my $new_fh, "<&FH" or die $!;

open my $new_fh, '<&', $fh or die "dup: $!";

$_='Just another Perl hacker'; print +( join( '', map { eval $_; $@ }
'use warnings FATAL => "all"; printf "%-1s", "\n"', 'use strict; a',
'use warnings FATAL => "all"; "@x"', '1->m') =~
m|${ s/(.)/($1).*/g; \ $_ }|is),',';
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