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FTP PUT with proxy?
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I've been struggling with this forever now. Hopefully someone can help

Lets say you have the following:

proxy server:
proxy username: proxyuser
proxy password: proxypassword
ftp server:
ftp username: ftpuser
ftp password: ftppassword
file to PUT: myTextFile.txt

I've been trying to use LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Headers, and
HTTP::Request without any real success.

Here's where I gave up (I'm not working on proxy auth yet):
use File::stat;
use LWP::UserAgent;

$stats = stat("myTextFile.txt");
$fileSize = $stats->size;
$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
$ua->proxy(['http', 'ftp'], '');
$header = HTTP::Headers->new;
$header->authorization_basic("ftpuser", "ftppassword");
open(FH, "myTextFile.txt");
read(FH, $buf, $fileSize);
$req = HTTP::Request->new("PUT", "",
$response = $ua->request($req);

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DJ Stunks
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      01-19-2006 Removed) wrote:
> Here's where I gave up

Funny, that's the same place I gave up.

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(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> I've been struggling with this forever now.

I feel your pain. I've got a proxy server at work that hates me and
conspires to cause problems with LWP (and ncftp and wcftp and lynx) no
matter how many configuration settings I futz around with.

However, cURL ( seems to punch through just fine
(I actually use cURL to pull down my CPAN updates using the

There's a nice CPAN interface module to libcurl:

(but this is a rare instance when I wouldn't object to using a system
command from Perl).


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My solution was to use Net::FTP. No problems with that.

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