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standardization efforts concerning xml-parser-outputs

jean-gert nesselbosch
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hello everybody,

does anybody know of standardization efforts concerning the output
of w3cSchema/relaxNG-validating parsers ?

I use libxml2 for validation-purposes (w3c-Schema and relaxNG) and have
the impression that

(a) the output in case the xml-document is not valid, is not very verbose
(b) the structure of the returned message (in case of the xml-document
not beeing valid) is...well, it's just text. would be nice, if the
would return some standardized xml
(c) there's no possibilty, neither in w3c-Schema nor in relaxNG (Schematron
is another case, but unfortunately I can't make use of it in the
I'm programming for) to add "error_message-tags" to the schema file at
the appropriate places (at least not those that would be recognized by
the parser in case of a validation-error) containing self-explanatory
messages, hints how to make the parsed xml-document valid....whatever.

right now, it seems to be (almost) impossible to automatically read the
of a validating parser, extract the important information and present it to


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jean-gert nesselbosch wrote:
>>> some XML questions that I really didn't understand

Does this have anything to do with Perl?

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