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Perl to initiate and parse web search results

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Hi folks,

I am wondering if Perl can be used to help me search numerous online
classified ads. Every week I want to search local papers across the US
for classic cars for sale. I have a serious of URL's that I must not
click on and then view the results. Is there any way I can use a Perl
script to both execute the search and parse the results?

here is an example URL that searches a paper in Virginia and returns
(today) 7 results. Thanks in advance,


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yes, that works like a charm! Thanks Jim. From my example, I would
use the following to count the number of times "CHEV" appears in the
Classifieds section of the newspaper I am searching:

use LWP::Simple;

my $catalog =
get(" ortation&tp=CHARLOTTESVILLE+VA&property=charlottes ville+va&orderby=start_date:d&category_number=1490 &maxrec=10&date=TODAY,SUNDAY_BEFORE(TODAY)%2");

my $count = 0;
$count++ while $catalog =~ m{CHEV}gi;
print "$count\n";


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