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Reference to hash element

Konrad Eisele
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is is possible to reference a element inside a hash?
something like:

%h = ( a => 1);
$a = \%h{'a'};
$a = 2;
=> $h{'a'} would be 2

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Dave Weaver
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Konrad Eisele <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> is is possible to reference a element inside a hash?
> something like:
> %h = ( a => 1);
> $a = \%h{'a'};

The hash element is $h{'a'}, so to take a reference to it:

$a = \$h{'a'}

Now $a is a reference to the hash element. To assign to the
referenced element you must dereference $a by using an extra
'$' prefix:

$$a = 2;

Alternatively, you could use a for() to create a temporary
alias to the element:

for my $a ( $h{'a'} ) {
$a = 2;

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