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Convert::ASN1 - Decode error

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Hi all,

I want to decode a .der file. I upgrade my version to 0.19 but I still
have the same trouble, when I use Data Dumper it gives :
'error' => 'decode error at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.1/Convert/ASN1/ line 123
but asn_dump works find, my asn.1 seems ok.

In fact when I do a decode like that $data =
Dumper of $data gives $VAR1 = undef;
So after when I want to do a $data->{'field1'}->{'field2'}; of course
it prints nothing.

I set the option $asn->configure( decode => { encoding => DER } );
before, don't know if the problem occurs because of that.

I would like to know if somebody had the same problem before and from
what it could come from. I can send my little program if somebody wants
more details.


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