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(Ilya?) cperl-mode.el and *unescaped* "/" within char-classes?

David Combs
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Subject: (Ilya?) cperl-mode.el and *unescaped* "/" within char-classes?

(Oh, I'm using emacs (cvs version).

QUESTION -- with your very most up-to-date version, what happens
when you try this:

In either of the following two lines of perl, remove the backslash
before the fwd-slashs, and cperl-mode.el gets confused.

(eg colors change, won't indent correctly, etc).

next if ( $line !~ qr!^([a-zA-Z\/.0-9]+)$! ); #debug

next if ( $line !~ qr!^([a-zA-Z\/.0-9]+)[0-9]+).*)$! ); #debug
# ||| is the time.|||

If, instead, everything works ok, please let me know, and also
tell me how to get the cperl-mode.el that you just used.



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