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almost correct

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With this way since is more straighforward and less lines of code: Now
the code is like this:

#=======================LOADING THE .TXT TO THE DATABASE==============

my $replace = $dbh->prepare( "REPLACE INTO games (gamename, gamedesc,
+gamecounter) VALUES (?, ?, ?)" );

open (FILE, "<../data/games/descriptions.txt") or die $!;

while (<FILE>) {

if (length) {
$replace->execute( split(/\t/, $_, 2), 0 ) or print $dbh->errs

close (FILE);

But the records never get updated and if i delete a row on the txt file
but the insertion of a new row or an edit of an existing one work ok
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In the top of my script i have

my $gamename = param('gamename');


print start_form(-action=>'');
print table( {class=>'games'} );
while( $row = $sth->fetchrow_hashref )
print Tr(
td( {-width=>'20%'}, submit( $row->{gamename} )),
td( {-width=>'75%'}, $row->{gamedesc} ),
td( {-width=>'5%'}, $row->{gamecounter} )
print end_table;
print end_form;

This is where the submit button is created and this is where i check if
the user click on a game

if( param('gamename') )

but it never returns true! Do you think there is a confilct with the
gamesnname as i have it in the submit button and expect the user to
click on the desired game to download by passign it as a parameter to
the script?
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