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Categories of Perl questions

David K. Wall
Posts: n/a
While cleaning up the hard drive and deleting old files, I found one
I created some time ago as a casual attempt to categorize the kinds
of questions asked in comp.lang.perl.misc. In the hope that some
here might find it interesting, here's what I came up with:

Some ad-hoc categories of Perl questions

OP should not be programming (earthquake guy)
Not Perl-related (CGI, "You folks are rude")
No code or too much code ("Write my program for me")
Code is hopeless
OP isn't familiar with standard idioms and is unwilling to learn
self-answering question ("How do I find the length of a string?")
FAQ/RTFM ("Does \s in a regex mean whitespace?")
strictures and warnings would have found the error
use a module
OP isn't familiar with standard idioms but is willing to learn
can get a solution with a little thought or experimenting
solution would take some time and effort, but is conceptually easy
solution would take some time and effort, conceptually difficult
some ideas for solution, but reluctant to offer possibly
erroneous advice
not familiar with problem area
no clue how to help

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