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SOAP::Lite +wsdl

Andrew Tkachenko
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I'm using combination of Apache + mod_perl + Apache::SOAP from SOAP::Lite

I'm trying to understand process of object creation on server side while
using WSDL.

For example, I have service 'Hello', represented by module on
server side. I want to call Hello's constructor, passing some data as its
arguments and use it in subsequent calls. But after reading SOAP::Lite pod
doc., I still can't find the way of creating Hello object. All the samples
I've found demonstrate how to make service calls described by WSDL in
non-OO way, i.e.

use SOAP::Lite;
print SOAP::Lite
-> service(’’)
-> getQuote(’MSFT’);

But how can I call getQuote as object method rather than class one ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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