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Adding From elements....
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I have a form with about 150 fields that I would like to have added
together automatically and the value placed into a new variable.
Below, you will see my @list. Below that, I'm going through @list and
only printing those values which have data (thanks to google.groups).

What I would like to do now, and I'm struggling a bit to do is add
these quantities anywhere I see "addquantity", I would
like to keep adding the values until done..then place them in a new
variable. Any hints??

my @list = (

[addzip2 => 'Additional Zip 2' ],
[addquantity2 => 'Additional Quantity 2' ],
[addzip3 => 'Additional Zip 3' ],
[addquantity3 => 'Additional Quantity 3' ],
[addzip4 => 'Additional Zip 4' ],
[addquantity4 => 'Additional Quantity 4' ],
[addzip5 => 'Additional Zip 5' ],
[addquantity5 => 'Additional Quantity 5' ],
[addzip6 => 'Additional Zip 6' ],
[addquantity6 => 'Additional Quantity 6' ],

for (@labels) {

if ( $query->param( $$_[0] ) ) {

print "$$_[1]: ", $query->param( $$_[0] ), "<br>";
print INT_EMAIL "$$_[1]: ", $query->param( $$_[0] ), "\n";


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Tad McClellan
Posts: n/a
      02-11-2005 Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> What I would like to do now, and I'm struggling a bit to do is add
> these quantities together

> Any hints??

Perl's addition operator is the plus sign (+).

Tad McClellan SGML consulting
(E-Mail Removed) Perl programming
Fort Worth, Texas
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