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Pawan Deshpande - Need Help Automating Configuration of Routers and Firewalls?
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I found a really slick tool that can help you automate configurations
for Cisco routers, PIX firewall, as well as Linux iptables and ip
route. It's called NetSPoC, which I believe is short for Network
Security Policy Compiler.

The developers say it's basically a replace for the Cisco Secure Policy
Manager (CSPM). According the compartison on the NetSPoC Web site,
NetSPoC is written in Perl so it runs on any platform that can run
Perl, and it's also much faster the CSPM. However there are some
drawbacks too. For example, there is no GUI for NetSPoC and it doesn't
support IPSec policies at this time.

You can learn more about the overall drawbacks and capabilities at the
NetSPoC Web site.

Aditya Desh Deshpande

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