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Math::NumberCruncher-5.00 bug
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Just a note to stuff this into the 'net consciousness, since I
can't find it mentioned anywhere else.

The SignSignificance calculation in Math::NumberCruncher
has a bug.

currently the code looks like this:

> my ( $trials, $hits, $probability ) = @_;
> return undef unless defined $trials && defined $hits &&
> defined $probability;
> my $confidence;
> foreach ( $hits .. $trials ) {
> $confidence += Binomial( $trials, $hits, $probability );
> }
> return $confidence;

Unfortunately, the confidence isn't calculated properly - the
middle operand to Binomial needs to iterate from $hits to $trials.
To fix, do something like this instead:

> my ( $trials, $hits, $probability ) = @_;
> return undef unless defined $trials && defined $hits &&
> defined $probability;
> my ($confidence, $ahit, $aconf);
> $confidence = 0;
> foreach ($ahit = $hits;$ahit <= $trials;$ahit++)
> {
> $aconf = Binomial( $trials, $ahit, $probability );
># print STDERR "numcrunch binomial returns: $hits $ahit $trials

> $confidence += $aconf;
> }
> return $confidence;

Yes, it's clunky and looks like C by Perl standards. It also
doesn't have bugs introduced because implied automatic
variables are being (mis) used

I informed the module maintainer of this problem some time
ago, but a recent re-install of the module demonstrated that
the fix hadn't made it into the code yet.
Just another C hacker...
Will Ray

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