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a problem with variable interpolation..

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# heres a peice of script which is troublin me since a while. Might as
well be # a newbee question!! The problem is,
# upon single quoting the $sentence ( see below) , and forcing
# by putting it in double quotes while printing, the string simply
# not get evaluated as no evaluation is specified during its

# upon forcing evaluation by defining $sentence in double quotes, the
# compiler evaluates it as a system path, and does not interpolate the

# Is there a workaround which would enable evaluation of variables,
# evaluating it as a path?
# and thus hopefully print '\dhdu\foo\sdjadf\bar\edjd\huh' ?

$var1 = 'foo';
$var2 = 'bar';
$var3 = 'huh';

$sentence = "\dhdu\$var1\sdjadf\$var2\edjd\$var3";

print "$sentence";
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Tore Aursand
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On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 23:13:35 -0700, Kevin wrote:
> #!/opt/perl_5.8.5/bin

Remember these:

use strict;
use warnings;

> $var1 = 'foo';
> $var2 = 'bar';
> $var3 = 'huh';
> $sentence = "\dhdu\$var1\sdjadf\$var2\edjd\$var3";

The '\' will escape anything that comes right after it. You probably want
to escape the '\' character itself, or use the '/' character instead
(which works just fine on multiple platforms).

Tore Aursand <(E-Mail Removed)>
"When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out."
(Elizabeth Bowen)
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Jürgen Exner
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Kevin wrote:
> $var1 = 'foo';
> $var2 = 'bar';
> $var3 = 'huh';
> $sentence = "\dhdu\$var1\sdjadf\$var2\edjd\$var3";
> print "$sentence";

See "perldoc -q DOS":
Why can't I use "C:\temp\foo" in DOS paths? What doesn't
`C:\temp\foo.exe` work?

On top of that you are escaping the dollar signs, thereby explicitely
telling perl to _not expand the variables $var1, ...


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