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Mail::IMAPClient and Net::SSLeay

Josef Moellers
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I use Mail::IMAPClient version 2.2.9 and perl-Net_SSLeay-1.23-51

I need to combine Mail::IMAPClient and Net::SSLeay to retrieve mail via
imaps. I try
socket (S, &AF_INET, &SOCK_STREAM, 0);
connect (S, $dest_serv_params);
select (S); $| = 1; select (STDOUT);
$ctx = Net::SSLeay::CTX_new();
Net::SSLeay::CTX_set_options($ctx, &Net::SSLeay::OP_ALL);
$ssl = Net::SSLeay::new($ctx);
Net::SSLeay::set_fd($ssl, fileno(S));
# Then I need to
$resp = Net::SSLeay::read($ssl);
Net::SSLeay::write($ssl, "A01 LOGIN $imap_user $imap_pass\r\n");
$resp = Net::SSLeay::read($ssl);
$connection = Mail::IMAPClient->new(
# User => $imap_user,
# Password => $imap_pass,

After that, however, every use of any function in Mail::IMAPClient
fails, e.g.

What am I missing?

Josef Möllers (Pinguinpfleger bei FSC)
If failure had no penalty success would not be a prize
-- T. Pratchett

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