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SOAP::Lite, calling apache/axis demo web service

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Has anyone installed apache/axis and then used SOAP::Lite to talk to the
demo app they include?

I went all the way through the axis installation instructions at
I was able to run the stock quote demo and got back the correct result
(55.25). If I go to
I get a page that says, "And now some services" and I can see the
services listed there including the following:

* urnmltoday-delayed-quotes (wsdl)
* test
* getQuote

now, however, I want to call it from perl. But I can't get it to return
anything. My code is below. Is there some place where they document how
to call
this service?

use SOAP::Lite;

print "The SOAP Server says: ";
print SOAP::Lite
-> uri('urnmltoday-delayed-quotes')
-> proxy('
-> getQuote('user1', 'XXX')
-> result . "\n\n";

John G. Heim
University of Wisconsin - Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
1210 West Dayton St, #4297, Phone: 2-9887

To boldly code what no one has coded before.
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JGH <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in news:cdjvls$p5l$1

> Has anyone installed apache/axis and then used SOAP::Lite to talk to

> demo app they include?

Okay, I got it working:

use SOAP::Lite;

my $lite = SOAP::Lite->new;

$response = $lite
-> uri('urnmltoday-delayed-quotes')
-> getQuote('XXX');
print "[" . $response->result . "]\n";
die "Fault: ".$response->faultcode." ".$response->faultdetail." ".
$response->faultstring if $response->faultcode;

# Overwrite the a SOAP::Lite function returning proper credentials for
the SOAP server you are talking to...
sub SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::get_basic_credentia ls
{ return 'user1' => 'pass1'; }

my $hash = shift;

print ("\n------------------\n");
foreach (sort keys %$hash)
{ printf ("%-20.20s : %s\n", $_, $hash->{$_}); }

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