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Wanted: Perl Developer

Stephen O'Brien
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Hello all,

I need a perl developer for the following job:

Simple database script (flatfile csv) which stores information about
many HTML files, and contains a link to a html body doc for each
record, and a unique ID. Example database:

ID, Title, BodyTextLink, Footer
001, Home, Home.html, (c) 2004

This script can be called on (like this:
and will retrieve the data from the db and from external html file and
place it in a designated area of a html template.

The main purpose is to allow easy HTML content editing.

Willing to pay around US$150, but will require script testing first.

Email me at Removed)
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Gregory Toomey
Posts: n/a
Wrong place - is where everyone looks

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John Bokma
Posts: n/a
Gregory Toomey wrote:

> Wrong place - is where everyone looks

Can you (or someone else) recommend other sites that are good places to
look for projects (freelance)? (Not the $5 for 100+ hours bidding sites)

John MexIT:
personal page:
Experienced Perl programmer available:
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David H. Adler
Posts: n/a
In article <(E-Mail Removed) >, Stephen
O'Brien wrote:

> I need a perl developer for the following job:

You have posted a job posting or a resume in a technical group.

Longstanding Usenet tradition dictates that such postings go into
groups with names that contain "jobs", like "", not
technical discussion groups like the ones to which you posted.

Had you read and understood the Usenet user manual posted frequently to
"news.announce.newusers", you might have already known this. (If
n.a.n is quieter than it should be, the relevent FAQs are available at
Another good source of information on how Usenet functions is
news.newusers.questions (information from which is also available at

Please do not explain your posting by saying "but I saw other job
postings here". Just because one person jumps off a bridge, doesn't
mean everyone does. Those postings are also in error, and I've
probably already notified them as well.

If you have questions about this policy, take it up with the news
administrators in the newsgroup news.admin.misc. may be of more use to you

Yours for a better usenet,


David H. Adler - <(E-Mail Removed)> -
We went on holiday by mistake - Withnail
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