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XML, DBI::AnyData and mySQL

Federico Bari
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.... many of you suggested me to give a look to DBI::AnyData. I have the
necessity to insert and update a mySQL database taking datas fom xml files
that have *more tha one table*; infact the xml file (and it's xsd) is just a
copy of the structure of the final mySLQ database. Somebody of you noted me
that to say "XML with multi-tables datas" means all and nothing ... with
more detail I can say that I realized this xml file using the export
function of the last version of Access exporting the Access database to XML
file and its structure in a separate XSD file. Both have more than one table
inside, with relations.

What I found about DBI::AnyData is that:

1) it cannot import, manage in memory-tables XML that have more than one
table inside
2) it cannot automatically import datas from in-memory tables to mySQL

do you think this is right? What does this mean for me? Have i to separate
each table of the original XML file in a lot of new, distinct XMLs, each for
every table? And than? Have i to manually insert each each row, each field
of each table of each XML file in each table of mySQL database? I have mybe
more than 70 tables with 20 fields each one ... to become mad!!!!!



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