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conflict between man perlipc and man perlfunc !?

Jaap Karssenberg
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While checking the syntax of the kill() function I noticed a difference
between the perlipc and the perlfunc manual pages (both as shipped with
perl 5.8.2). It regards the way to kill a process group.

quoting perlipc (item "Signals"):
# Sending a signal to a negative process ID means that you send the
# signal to the entire Unix process-group.

Also all examples in perlipc seem to advocate this as the default way to
do this.

quoting perlfunc (item "kill"):
# Unlike in the shell, if SIGNAL is negative, it kills process groups
# instead of processes. (On System V, a negative PROCESS number will
# also kill process groups, but that's not portable.)

Does this mean the things described in perlipc only work on SysV ? and
if so how does this work on my linux box ? Has there bin a syntax change
for the kill() function and is one of both pages not up2date ?
Or is one of both pages plane wrong !??

Please enlighten me

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