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Cookies are not saved to cookie_jar

benny s.
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I have got this script to automate submitting a form to a website and
getting the response back. <br>only this site is powered by .net and
when I use user agent to get even the home page it is allways getting
an <br>error and redirecting to an error page asperrorpath=...<br><br>

I found out the if I turn of the cookies I get this message all the
time - meaning that the site is storing id <br>and session on my
computer as a cookie.<br><br>

so I added the cookie functionality to the user agent but I can't seem
to have the site store the <br>cookies on any cookie folder not the
cutom lwp_cookies (see script) <br>
and not he default microsoft cookie folder.<br><br><br>

any suggestions???<br>

use LWP::UserAgent;<br>
use HTTP::Request::Common qw(POST);<br>
use HTTP::Cookies;<br>
use HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft;<br>

BEGIN { $LWP:ebugFile:utname = 'c:/ua_debug.txt' }<br>
use LWP:ebugFile qw(+); <br>

_____ tried that <br>
#create cookies jar to hold the cookies for this user agent<br>
my $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies->new( <br>
file =>
autosave => 1, <br>

_____and also that<br>
#create cookies jar to hold the cookies for this user agent<br>
my $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft->new(<br>
file => "c:/Documents and
'delayload' => 0,<br>

my $ua; #user agent<br>
$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;<br>

$curUrl ="";<br>
print "getting $curUrl\n";<br>
@curContent = newGetRequest($curUrl);<br>

sub newGetRequest() {<br>
my $myUrl;<br>
my $myRes;<br>
my $myReq;<br>

# get url to create a request from<br>
# Create a request<br>
$myReq = HTTP::Request->new(GET =>"$myUrl");<br>
#pass any cookies that exsists with this request <br>
# pass request to user agents<br>
$myRes = $ua->send_request($myReq); <br>
# if response put some cookies get them<br>
$cookie_jar->extract_cookies($myRes); # get cookies put by the
if ($myRes->is_success) {<br>
print "Success in GET $myUrl" ;<br>
return $myRes->content;<br>
{ <br>
print "Fail in GET $myUrl"; <br>
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