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simple perl script

Jerry Maguire
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I would like to write a perl script to open and file and add a prefix to all
the lines of that file.
The file will be like:


I have created the following script:
cat test |
while read name
printf 'new'$name>>newfile.txt;

Now the problem is it is adding all the lines in one line.
The output is:


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On 18 Aug 2003, Sam Holden wrote:

> Except of course that echo adds a newline by default. And echo \n will
> output "n"... - since \n will be converted to n by most shells, if you
> have a strange shell that doesnt do that then it'll output "\n"
> > In the future, you might want to post in!

> A good idea.

Yeah, I forgot about! But, anyway, it worked ksh! I figured he might
have to tweak it some for his shell. I should had use '-n' option for the
echo command, or I just should left the 'printf' statement in but I
couldn't get it to work for me! 'printf' has a lot more options than
'echo', so I thought I would keep it simple with 'echo'. Thank you for
pointing that out!


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