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is Javascript capable of this?
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Hello everyone, I'm not new to programming so I don't think I'm going
to have any problems picking up javascript. I just need to know if it's
capable of what I want to do. I want to make a small <a
href="">roguelike</a> game, <a
href="">here</a> is one that is written
in java incase you don't want to download one, I found a <a
href="">small one</a> written in
javascript but it doesn't do any dungeon generation or anything but it
seemed to me like it could work. The way he does it is by reprinting
the whole screen everytime something happens, is there a way to only
print to certain x/y coordinates with javascript? The reason I want to
do it in javascript is that I'm running into a lot of free time at work
and would like to do some programming, I'm not allowed to install
anything on the computers though so javascript is my only option. So
what do you guys think, is it doable or would it be a waste of time?

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