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Create input element and POST DATA empty?

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Hi everybody.

I working on a page which have a table with some rows.
Some buttons let me to add some news line to the table dynamicly which
contains some inputs box and combo box.
In fact, I clone a line and all of these input element in another new
one row using the cloneNode method.
After that, i fetch all the new element in order to change their name to
new one.

But here's my problem: When i field the input form (the old one, and the
new one), just the OLD ONE are send in the POSTDATA when i submit my form...
I have understand that's because all my new element have, as parents,
their cells and not the form node. But if i use the "form" as parents,
it's ok, all the data are send in the POST but they are not display in
the cell....

I know that i can build a form when i press on the submit button which
contains all the values of my input box and combo box in new hidden
ones.. But i think i can do better

Can you help me please?

Thx. Have a good day! (or night)
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