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Loading page and staring half way down

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I'm trying to go to a new page, but I want it to jump straight to a
specific part of the page instead of starting at the top of the page.

Anyone got any idea on how this is done?

I was trying to get it to work with a <a name="here"> tag, but the
browser ignores the #here on the end of my cgi script name.

I tried using javascript and the onload event to rewrite the url, but
I couldn't get that to work either.

Is it possible to go to a web page and have it start half way down, or
can you only do this on the same page?

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Sorry, I don't think I was clear about the issue I was having.

The problem is I have a page that links to another page, except I want
it to open the page half way down, and I want to call a cgi script to
get there.
There are multiple pages, and they cross reference each other. Because
of this I want to use a single form to do all the cross referencing,
so the destination and tag name are dynamic.
I was using javascript to modify the form action to append the
#<name>, but IE won't allow me to do this (NetScape was fine and
worked as I wanted).

So now I need the load the page, and then after the page has loaded,
move the page down to the selected section. So when the page loads the
#<name> is not there, and I simply wish to use the onload event to
move the page.

So all I need to know is how do you make javascript move the page to
the <a name="blah"> tag?


Andrew Thompson <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<13s6vzlj946rt.1dvr32dfuam08$(E-Mail Removed)> ...
> On 26 Sep 2004 05:32:54 -0700, Kerrin wrote:
> I am not sure I understand you correctly, but..
> > Is it possible to go to a web page and have it start half way down, or
> > can you only do this on the same page?

> Sure, this should start you part way down the JS FAQ
> <>
> > I was trying to get it to work with a <a name="here"> tag, but the
> > browser ignores the #here on the end of my cgi script name.

> There must be somthing wrong with your
> a) HTML (or the HTML your CGI script is writing)
> b) CGI script
> c) Browser
> I would put my money on a) or b), and my first suggestion is
> to produce a static HTML page that you have validated* and
> can link to an anchor before you proceed.
> * <>

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> Posting replese on top does not assist clarity
I was trying to rephrase the entire question and thought it would be
clearer all thogether at the top, instead of spread out in the post
for the sake of it.
As for putting it at the top, I'm sorry, I haven't been a regular
poster in years and thought it was the correct place to put it. Now
you have so politely slapped my wrists I'll be good. And I didn't even
moan about the fact you clearly didn't proof read you post before
posting it (as you can see in the above quote). Oh whoops, I guess I

> Kerrin, please post comments below and trim..

Yes, I should have trimmed, we can't all be prefect all the time.

> This all sounds like a very confusing navigation
> system Kerrin, are you sure it is a good idea, rather
> than 'heck, we have the technology'?

Yes, I have got a little carried away with the original idea I had for
this area of the site.

> This will fail for any browser with JS disabled.

Well considering that you have no idea what the site is, you have made
an assumption that the site is conventional, which it isn't. I'm
afraid the site that this is for requires JS (it wouldn't be possible
otherwise), so I saw no harm in using it on the area of the site.

> d) your basic design
> I was wrong, it is seeming like it is d).

I never saw the point of flaming people, why can't people be polite? I
just wanted to know the answer to a question, and I am greatful of
your help.

> Make the site function with JS disabled first, then
> improve it with DHTML.

I was intending on rethinking this area of the site, but the site as a
whole will require JS.

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Andrew Thompson <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<m6e3hujrv61d.q6ri8fj4wda9$(E-Mail Removed)>.. .
> On 27 Sep 2004 14:21:59 -0700, Kerrin wrote:

> Pointing them towards a page explaining (with screen shots)
> - the wonderful tools you are creating for their benefit
> - the technology (JS) upon which it is based
> - the way to enable JS in a variety of browsers**.
> ** This is more important than you might think, as
> most web-surfers would not know how to do it.

That is a good point, and one I intend to use.

> > I never saw the point of flaming people, why can't people be polite?

> (chuckles) That was not a flame, your
> ass ain't even smokin'!

Well, I found it a little warm for my liking.

> But of course, I am making further assumptions (you want
> it indexed on Google). Perhaps we might cirvumvent too
> many more guesses with an URL.

Yes I will be submitting the site to search engines when it is ready,
but I still have to do that. I am only now writting the manual (which
is the section my question was for.)

> Where's your site?

The site is far from finished. There is plenty wrong with it, that I
intend to fix.

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> 1) I have no problem seeing the text on the left, but
> some will. If your users are not guaranteed better than
> 18/18 vision, you might think about increasing the contrast,
> which you might do by making the text white, or light gray.

I will be getting new graphics (again) for the site this evening, I'm
not a graphics person, so I'm just putting in what ever I get and
giving feed back on changes. (You should have seen the previous
version! Green text on a blue background!)

> 2) <>
> In the select for screen size..
> a) Some users will be 'not listed' in the list of 4 you
> provide

The list there is for testing only, to be honest I don't like that,
and have plans on doing it automatically.

> 3) Just what is that screensize select for? It is unnecessary
> for the pages you already have, so I guess it is for functionality
> that happens after registering, is that right?

It's used to calculate how much board can be shown to the user. Don't
feel scared about registering, the site doesn't bite. With out
registering you have seen 1% of the sites functionality (and a very
dull bit at that).

> 4) Get in touch with your inner validator (very Zen, huhh?)

I will, at a later time.

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