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ECMAScript V4.0

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Is there any more work being done on this - I scoured the ECMA site
but there appears to be no work being done on it.
Or is it just my searching technique...
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Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn
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Martin Honnen wrote:

> Tom wrote:
>> Is there any more work being done on this - I scoured the ECMA site
>> but there appears to be no work being done on it.

> I can't tell for sure, you would need to ask a member of the ECMA
> working group, but clearly I see two things preventing progress, one
> being that AOL gave up on Netscape meaning that probably those working
> at Netscape on ECMAScript edition 4 and JavaScript 2.0 were fired, and
> the other being that MS went ahead and developed and implemented
> JScript.NET without there being a standard so taking those two together
> there might be no people left at Netscape and MS working on a standard.

However, there is still a chance that people will/can push the
issue as the Mozilla Organization has recently become an ECMA member after
Netscape (had to?) quit. There should be a bug in Bugzilla to vote for,
if there is not, a new bug could be filed against this issue.

"From Article in Open Sources;
Future of Cygnus Soln-Michael Tiemann;
-- Esther Dyson
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I've sent a request to ECMA for some clarification. I'll let you know what happens.
I'll also see if I can find out from mozilla if theres anything going on there.
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