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Nadim Attari
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is javascript being supported by the browers in a PDA? is yes, what are the
browsers available in PDAs and which javascript version do these browsers
support ?


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Richard Cornford
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Nadim Attari wrote:
> is javascript being supported by the browers in a PDA?


> is yes, what are the browsers available in PDAs

Opera, IceBrowser, NetFront, Escape, AvantGo, Pocket IE and others.

Unlike the desktop browser market, where people can get completely
adequate browsers for the cost of downloading it, the PDA, mobile phone
and embedded browser market has more potential to be profitable. The
user exchanges money for the browser when they bye each device. So many
browser manufactures provide browsers for use in that context and some
specialise in the PDA/Phone/embedded browser markets (e.g. NetFront and

It is also not unusual for a PDA/Phone/embedded browser to give no real
indication in it's OS or GUI (and frequently User-Agent headers and
navigator object information) as to which specific browser is being
used. The browser may have been sold/licensed as a component and
integrated into the device by its manufacturer. Fortunately modern
browser scripting practices don't require any knowledge of the specific
browser in use so this is not a problem.

> and which javascript version do
> these browsers support ?

That varies. Assuming an implementation of ECMA 327 ("ECMAScript Compact
Profile") should be safe. Many will actually implement a full ECMA 262
3rd edition version. In practice (W3C) DOM support (and dynamic DOM
support) is more significant. There is a tendency for browsers on small
devices to be less dynamic than desktop browsers (device memory
constraints and slower processors may necessitate that in some cases).


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Nadim Attari
Posts: n/a
thx richard

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