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Slide Show Object: Null or Not An Object Error

Jason Ferguson
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I'm banging my head against the wall, wondering why the following code
doesn't work for me.

In short, I create a javascript object called Imagebrowser, define the
methods, etc, etc. "picture1" is created as a new instance of
Imagebrowser (using "var picture1=new Imagebrowser(imagearray,
name);"). When I try to use it on my onClick methods of my <a> tags,
it errors saying "picture1 is null or not an object".

Code is below:

<title>Test Page</title>
<script type="text/javascript">

// ImgBrowser 0.1
// Written by Jason Ferguson
// Copyright 2004
// Licensing Info
// Use it however you want, at your peril, not mine.
// Class Documentation
// ImgBrowser is a javascript class for displaying and browsing images
(i.e. for thumbnails)
// imagearray must be in the following format:
// (<img src>,<img src>,etc)
// The class will rip apart this array into two internal arrays: one
for the images, and one
// for the captions. Once the internal arrays are created, a third
array is created consisting of Image
// objects instead of the text "source" objects, which will also
preload the images.
// The images in the collection can be browsed via the shownext and
showprev method calls.
// define some methods to be included in Rectangle object

// Constructor function for ImageBrowser class
function Imagebrowser(imagearray, name)

this.imagename=name; // store the name of the image from the
document (DOM stuff)




function createImgArray(imagearray)
// Create an empty array that will eventually hold all of the Image
temparray= new Array();

// Skip through the "even" indexes, starting with 0 (I know, 0 isn't
// technically even). i represents the index for the newly created
// j represents the index for the passed array with image locations
and text

while (j < imagearray.length)
temparray[i] = new Image();
temparray[i].src = imagearray[j];

return temparray;

// This function takes the source (as a string) of a default image and
returns a default image, preloading
// it in the process. It is recommended that this be a relatively
small image so that loading
// is quick
function setDefaultImage(defaultimage)
temp = new Image();
temp.src = defaultimage;

return temp;

// This function moves the pointer to the next Image object, then
changes the image
function shownext()
if (this.pointer == this.size - 1)
this.pointer = 0;
this.pointer += 1;

document.images[] = this.imgobjarray[this.pointer];

// This function moves this pointer to the previous Image object, then
changes the image
function showprev()
if (this.pointer == 0)
this.pointer = this.size - 1;

document.images[] = this.imgobjarray[this.pointer];


function getpointer()
return this.pointer;


<script type="text/javascript">
array1 = new Array("image1.gif","image2.gif","image3.gif"); // Doesnt
need global scope!
var picture1 = new Imagebrowser(array1, "image1");

<img src="image1.gif" name="image1" />
<a href="#" onclick="picture1.shownext()">Next</a> <br />
<a href="#" onclick="picture1.showprev()">Previous</a> <br />
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