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Javascript document.write question

Brett Baisley
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I have a block of html code that I want to run by calling a javascript
function to print it. Its basically a table with menu items in it that is
the same for many pages, and instead of copying/pasting everytime I change
it, I figure this will be better, as I only change it once.

The problem is, document.write doesn't handle multiple lines very well, so I
was wondering what is the best way to do this? Maybe there is even a better
way then javascript calls.

Anything will be great! Thanks!


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Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn
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mscir wrote:

> [...] If you mean the data is not easy to read on the generated page,
> insert \n where you want a newline to begin. Post your code for more
> specific suggestions.
> This code generates a new window with a table.
> <html>

DOCTYPE declaration?

> <title> New Window within Previous Page)</title>
> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

Text color?

> <script language="JavaScript">

"type" attribute?

> <!--
> function open_new_window() {
> new_window =
> open("","displayWindow","width=575,height=620,left =10,top=10\n");

Wrong. The options (third) argument of must not
contain newline. And _window._open() is recommended since there
is The function should be defined within
the "head" element, not the "body" element, to be available always.

> // open new document
> // Text of the new document goes here
> // Replace your " with ' or \" or document.write statements will fail
> new_window.document.write("<html>\n");

See above.

> new_window.document.write("<head>\n");
> new_window.document.write("<meta http-equiv='Content-Type'
> content='text/html; charset=windows-1252'>\n");

What about UAs that does not support this Windows character set?
ISO-8859-1 is better.

> new_window.document.write("<title>Table of Data</title>\n");

Not only that this is and creates invalid HTML for the most part, a
smaller example would have sufficed. You have posted more than 200
lines of garbage!

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