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Iframe dynamic create and populate immediately

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Hi i'm bothering with such problem... I must dynamic create an Iframe, and
then put som raw HTML into it. But I can't.

When I create iframe, I can't access its properties.

Here's the coe snipplet:


function doTheIframe(nazwa, width, height) {
ifrm = document.createElement("iframe");
ifrm.setAttribute("name", nazwa);
ifrm.setAttribute("id", nazwa);
ifrm.setAttribute("src", ""); = width+"px"; = height+"px";

function main() {

document.getElementById('smallframe').contentWindo w.document.body.innerHTML=

<a onclick="main()">Tratatata</a>


When I click the link, iframe is created but not pupulated.
When I click for the second time, second frame is created and the first one
is populated.

I want to populate the iframe immediately.
How to do this?


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Martin Honnen
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Templar wrote:

> Hi i'm bothering with such problem... I must dynamic create an Iframe, and
> then put som raw HTML into it. But I can't.

The following works for me with Netscape 7.1, IE6. Should work with
Netscape 6/7 and IE5/5.5 too.
I can't get it to work with Opera but I think I have filed a bug on that
some while ago. You might want to try to load a dummy HTML page first to
be able to script the document for Opera.

<title>creating an iframe element and document.writing content to the
iframe window</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function createIframe (iframeName, width, height) {
var iframe;
if (document.createElement && (iframe =
document.createElement('iframe'))) { = = iframeName;
iframe.width = width;
iframe.height = height;
iframe.src = 'about:blank';
return iframe;

function test () {
var iframe = createIframe ('iframe0', 300, 300);
if (iframe) {
var iframeDoc;
if (iframe.contentDocument) {
iframeDoc = iframe.contentDocument;
else if (iframe.contentWindow) {
iframeDoc = iframe.contentWindow.document;
else if (window.frames[]) {
iframeDoc = window.frames[].document;
if (iframeDoc) {;
'<html><body><p>Kibology for all.<\/p><\/body><\/html>');

window.onload = function (evt) {
<h1>Iframe creation test</h1>

Martin Honnen

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oh my goodness!! it works!!
Thanks a million!

But how?


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