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Minor table layout vs. popup menu question.

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I've hit a strange snag. My vertical javascript popup menus were aligned
perfectly with the tops of the links before I inserted graphic borders
around my main table for my web page, and now the popups for some reason
suddenly begin in a higher position (about 20px higher) than before I added
the border graphics.

Fortunately I figured out at least partically what was wrong but I have no
idea why nor how to fix it. I've narrowed it down to the top three table
columns of the 3x3 outside border grid. Whenever the height attribute
exactly matches the correct height of the border graphic, the javascript is
messed up. Here is the link to the temporary webpage. Everything is working
except the position of the java popup menus (they pop up too high):

Here is a link to the previous page without the borders but perfectly
working popup menus:

The borders around the webpage are in a 3x3 grid, with the middle cell
containing nested tables that make up the bulk of the webpage. It all worked
fine until I added the graphics... more specifically, the height="xy" for
the border graphics along the top row. If I made the height equal to
anything *except* what it actually was, the java menus worked perfectly but
the graphics were messed up. I'm not sure how to fix this, and any help
would be greatly appreciated.


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