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Show the true html source of a web page (including that generated by script).

Sandip Chitale
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// Bookmarklet by Sandip Chitale ((E-Mail Removed))
// Function: Show the true html source of a web page (including that generated by script).
// Usage: 1. Copy these to a file (say - 'c:/bookmarklets/viewfinalsource.js')
// 2. Visit any website
// 3. copy and paste the following line in your address bar starting with the word 'javascript:'
// javascript:void((function() {var
element=document.createElement('script');element.s etAttribute('src','c:/bookmarklets/viewfinalsource.js');
// 4. Alternatively, create a bookmark (or also a Links toolbar shortcut in case of IE) for it to access the functionality
with a single click.
function viewFinalSource() {
var _console = null;
// open a window the first time we are called, or after an existing
// console window has been closed.
if ((_console == null) || (_console.closed)) {
_console ="","console","width=600,height=300,res izable,scrollbars=yes");
// open a document in the window to display plain text"text/plain");
var gt = /\>/g;
var lt = /\</g;
var el = /\n\s*\n/g;
_console.document.writeln(document.documentElement .innerHTML.replace(gt,">\n").replace(lt,"\n<").rep lace(el,"\n"));

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