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Caching javascript files.

Simon Wigzell
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I'm using a thrid party pulldown menu javascript system. It's functionality
is in one javascript file declared in the web pages as follows :

<script src="PDMenu.js" language="JavaScript1.2"></script>

Does the fact that it is declared this way, similar to a picture, mean that
it will be downloaded only once and cached on the visitors system just like
a picture or is it going to be downloaded with every page? I'm on cable so I
can't see any difference, but to a dial up user, the 25k javascript file is
going to be pretty painful to wait for on every page of the website! I've
never seen a discussion about this before. If it is in fact cached, then
there is some other javascript code in my web pages that is written on the
web page, perhaps I can declare it in a similar fashion and have it cached
rather than downloaded every time? Thanks!

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