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Image Swap

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Could someone tell me what is wrong with this function?
function imageNext(){

if ( document.part.src == "images/returnAdapter.gif"){
document.part.src = "images/valveIntake.gif";
document.getElementById("c").style.color = "black";
document.getElementById("d").style.color = "red";

The image name attribute is "part". But the image is not changing.

Thanks, Sybil
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Lasse Reichstein Nielsen
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      08-26-2003 Removed) (Sybil) writes:

> Could someone tell me what is wrong with this function?

In which browser?

> function imageNext(){

> if ( document.part.src == "images/returnAdapter.gif"){

The assumption that "document.part" refers to the element with name
"part", doesn't hold in all browsers. A safer way of referencing the
element is

You compare the value of the src property to a releative path.
Most browsers (including IE6) changes to property to the absolute path.
E.g., if I create an image as:
<img src="../../PicA.png" id="foo">
and then read the src value again with javascript (in IE 6)
the result is
That means that your comparison will alway fail.
You should test that the src *ends* with your string, e.g., with a
regular expression:

if (/images\/returnAdapter.gid$/.test(document.images['part'].src) {

> document.part.src = "images/valveIntake.gif";

Again, "document.imagesŲ is safer.

> document.getElementById("c").style.color = "black";
> document.getElementById("d").style.color = "red";
> }

A "}" is missing here (just to be pedantic

Lasse Reichstein Nielsen - (E-Mail Removed)
Art D'HTML: <URL:>
'Faith without judgement merely degrades the spirit divine.'
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