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Links Unclickable -- MAC OSX IE5.2

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I am experiencing an issue with <a> tags not being clickable. These tags
are in a table cell and I originally have style="display:none" on the table
row element. I make the row visible upon click of another link and this
works fine, the row appears displaying a couple of text boxes in the first
couple of cells and save/cancel links in the last cell. Moving the mouse
over the links however does not change the mouse pointer and the links are
completely unclickable. I had a similar issue w/ an absolutely positioned
image causing stationery links to be unclickable on OSX and lowering the
z-index of the image solved the problem. In this case, I have tried upping
the z-index of both the <tr> and the <a> tags themselves to no avail..there
are no other elements overlapping the table at all.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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