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Novice needs help

Bob Leffew
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I have inherited a program using javascript and am trying to learn the

I have a problem I cant figure out.

On my page I have a form with a List/Menu inside of a form.

the value of the list box is a name that corresponds with a jpg in a defined
directory and also corresponds with a html page in a defined directory.

When you click on the List/Menu in real time the corresponding image changes
accordingly and when the image is clicked on the correct page opens.

But when I tried adding a new value to the Lis/Menu in development, in real
time the image changes but html page does not. (Value of html remains

I definitely added a jpg into the proper directory with the proper value
name and also created a html page with the proper name.

All I can figure out is when I add in new values some type of index must be
being kept but I cant figure out where.

Any suggestions?

Below is code from program:

<script language="JavaScript1.2" cyberversion="N1.2"><!--

function PreLoad() {
var doc=document;
if(!doc.newarray) doc.newarray=new Array();
var x,y=doc.newarray.length,a=PreLoad.arguments;
for(x=0; x<a.length; x++)
if (a[x].indexOf("#")!=0){
doc.newarray[y]=new Image; doc.newarray[y++].src=a[x];

function PreLoadAll() {
PreLoad('images/npabout.gif', 'images/npctcat.gif', 'images/npcontact.gif',
'images/npfloorplan.gif', 'images/npform.gif', 'images/nphelp.gif',
'images/npshoppinglist.gif', 'images/nptdcat.gif',

function changeReadout(newReadout)


// change image for nav readout = newReadout;


function changeProduct(selectedProduct)

if (selectedProduct == ""){
} else {
// changeout product image

var newSrc = "images/thumbnails/" + selectedProduct + ".jpg";
window.document.preview.src = newSrc;

// changeout product link address

var newPreviewLink = "catalog/" + selectedProduct + ".html";
window.document.links[16].href = newPreviewLink;

function OpenList()
{'catalog/preview.html','ListWindow','width=400,height=500,d irect
ories=no,location=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,sta tus=yes,toolbar=no,resizab


Bob Leffew

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