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Simple script problem

Alex Kouzemtchenko
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I have a very simple piece of Javascript code which generates some
code, but the code it generates does not display properly but if
pasted into another docmuent it shows properly.

the code is:


<title>IE Scroll Bars</title>
function create(){

var dlight = document.spell.dlight.value
var arrow = document.spell.arrow.value
var face = document.spell.face.value
var highlight = document.spell.highlight.value
var shadow = document.spell.shadow.value
var darkshadow = document.spell.darkshadow.value
var track = document.spell.track.value
document.write ("<html><head><title>n00bVi11e</title></head>");
document.write ("<body text=\"#666666\" BGCOLOR=\"#000000\">");
document.write ("<form>");
document.write (" <table width=\"921\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"1\"
cellpadding=\"1\" height=\"106\">");
document.write (" <tr>");
document.write (" <td width=\"236\"> </td>");
document.write (" <td width=\"678\">");
document.write (" <table width=\"521\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"1\"
cellpadding=\"1\" height=\"73\" bgcolor=\"#f8f8f8\">");
document.write (" <tr> ");
document.write (" <td class=\"bdr2\"><font face=\"verdana, arial,
helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\" color=\"#003068\">the ");
document.write (" scrollbars on this page are an example of how yours
will look.</font></td>");
document.write (" </tr>");
document.write (" </table>");
document.write (" </td>");
document.write (" </tr>");
document.write (" </table>");
document.write (" <table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\"
cellspacing=\"0\" bgcolor=\"#999999\" align=\"center\">");
document.write (" <tr><td>");
document.write (" <table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"3\"
cellspacing=\"1\" bgcolor=\"#006699\" width=\"543\"
document.write (" <tr> ");
document.write (" <td bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" align=\"center\"> <font
size=\"2\" face=\"verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif\"
color=\"#003366\">here ");
document.write (" is your custom scrollbar code:</font><br>");
document.write ("<textarea name=\"cpcode1\" cols=\"60\" rows=\"11\"
style=\"color:#000080;background-color:#fafafa\" wrap=\"VIRTUAL\"> ");
document.write ("BODY {");
document.write ("scrollbar-face-color: " + face + ";");
document.write ("scrollbar-shadow-color: " + shadow + ";");
document.write ("scrollbar-highlight-color: " + highlight + ";");
document.write ("scrollbar-3dlight-color: " + dlight + ";");
document.write ("scrollbar-darkshadow-color: " + darkshadow + ";");
document.write ("scrollbar-track-color: " + track + ";");
document.write ("scrollbar-arrow-color: " + arrow + "; ");
document.write ("}");
document.write ("</textarea>");
document.write ("</form>");
document.write ("</body></html>");

<body text="#666666" bgcolor="#000000">

<form name="spell" method="post" action="">
<table width="328" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1"
align="left" height="193">
<td width="131">3D Light Colour:</td>
<td width="193"> <input type="text" name="dlight"> </td>
<td width="131">Arrow Colour:</td>
<td width="193"> <input type="text" name="arrow"> </td>
<td width="131">Face Colour:</td>
<td width="193"> <input type="text" name="face"> </td>
<td width="131">Highlight Colour:</td>
<td width="193"> <input type="text" name="highlight"> </td>
<td width="131">Shadow Colour:</td>
<td width="193"> <input type="text" name="shadow"> </td>
<td width="131">Darkshadow Colour:</td>
<td width="193"> <input type="text" name="darkshadow"> </td>
<td width="131" height="16">Track Colour:</td>
<td width="193" height="16"> <input type="text" name="track"> </td>
<td width="131"> </td>
<td width="193" align="left">
<input onClick="create()" type="submit" value="Submit" name="B1">
<input type="reset" value="Reset" name="B2"> </td>


PLease help
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