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Win 32 Ole, Word Automation

Peter Wilson
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Im having problems putting pictures into my word document. I can get
pictures in but they all appear ontop of each other as oppose to where the
cursor is, I am also inserting a line on each page as well and that appears
at the wrong place as well. So I guess im doing something fundamentally
wrong. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong or how to move the picture
onto each page, this is a small section of a larger document so I would like
to have lots of flexibility this is why have decided not to use a mail

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



my $Word = Win32::OLE->new('Word.Application', 'Quit');
$Word->{'Visible'} = 1;

my $doc = $Word->Documents->Add;

$doc->PageSetup->{Orientation} = wdOrientLandscape;
$doc->PageSetup->{TopMargin} = 0;
$doc->PageSetup->{BottomMargin} = 0;
$doc->PageSetup->{LeftMargin} = 0;
$doc->PageSetup->{RightMargin} = 0;

$thisdoc = $Word->ActiveDocument;

$cgm_image = $thisdoc->Shapes->AddPicture(

False, True, 0, 0, 778.1, 553.05);

$cgm_image->{Left} = wdShapeCenter;

$line = $doc->Shapes->AddLine(44,540,803,540);
$line->{'Line'}->{Weight} = 10;


$cgm_image1 = $thisdoc->Shapes->AddPicture(

False, True, 0, 800, 778.1, 553.05);

$cgm_image1->{Left} = wdShapeCenter;

$line = $doc->Shapes->AddLine(44,540,803,540);
$line->{'Line'}->{Weight} = 10;


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