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Perl script not running properly...

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I wrote a CGI script in Perl(see below) and when I execute ./ in Unix
console it works just fine. However, when I use it in an html page it
doesn't work.

Below is the form tag within my html page.

<form name="the_script" method="POST"
<input type="submit" value="the_script">

So, when I hit submit it takes me to the redirect, however when I
check the files to see if they are replaced, nothing...

If I just run the script in Unix via ./ the files are replaced...

Below is the CGI script:

#! /usr/bin/perl
use File::Find;
use File::Copy;
use File:ath;

my $top_src = "/usr/local/whatever";
my $dest = "/usr/local/htdocs/whatever";

find sub {
##might need it for later on
##ignore non html files
return unless -f ;

my $more_subdir;
for ( $more_subdir = $File::Find::dir) {

## don't copy if we already have a later file
if (-e "$dest/$more_subdir/$_" and -M "$dest/$more_subdir/$_" <= -M
$_) {
## tracing: turn off when you're happy
warn "ignoring older $File::Find::name\n";

mkpath( ["$dest/$more_subdir"], 0, 0711); # $dest must be an

## tracing: turn off when you're happy
$content = warn "copying $File::Find::name to
copy $_, "$dest/$more_subdir/$_";
}, $top_src;

$url = "";
print "Location: $url\n\n";
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