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File::Find Problems with ntfs compressed folders

John Armsby
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My apologies if this has already been posted.... Just point where...

I am using the following script to get file path, filename, and
timestamp. Worked fine until the NT guys started compressing folders.
I can point the script explicitly at a compressed folder and it will
recurse down. Unfortunately it does not seem to "see" compressed
folders by default and then recurse down.

Is there an update to this somewhere??

#!c:\perl\bin\perl -w

# uses the arc server name and returns the full path and file
# along with the timestamp of the file......

use File::Find;

# find \&Getit , 'develop/';
# find \&Getit , 'j:/depts/wspproje/projectd/library/';
# find \&Getit , '\\\HDQ_Doc1/Vol1/depts/wsp projects/project
find \&Getit , '\\\';

sub Getit
if ( -f && (@FileStat = stat) )
$FileName =$File::Find::name;
$FileTime = $FileStat[9];
$LocalFileTime =localtime($FileTime);
$FileName =~s|/|\\|g; # added to replace foreward slashes with
back slashes... 4/26/00
$FileName =~s|\\\\10\.228\.128\.11||g;
$FileName =~s|\\PowerServer|PowerServer|g;



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