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Crypt::RC4 & cookies

David S.
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I am currently working on a program that encrypts login information into
cookies using the RC4 module. However I run into a problem during the
decryption process. For example, I made up a temporary password of test123
and when decrypting (in IE) it gives me testq23. However, in netscape it
decrypts fine. I was wondering if anybody knows of any glitches in the
module or IE, or whatever this could be. It might be part of the built in
character sets, because I looked at the cookies in encrypted form in both
browsers and one character showed up different..

IE ----> ,e_

as you can see there is obviously some sort of difference in the characters,
and i'm wondering if anybody may know the solution....

Also is there any generic guidelines for the encrypt/decrypt keys for RC4?
Is it possible that I picked an invalid key because i've tried several
different variations, however none of them seem to fix the problem...

David Stinemetze Removed)

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