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Re: HTML5 browser support

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On Mar 20, 1:32*pm, Alfred Molon <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I tried out the input type=date HTML5 tag, which is very useful for an
> application I'm designing, but only Opera supports it, not Firefox 11 or
> IE8. It's really amazing that the latest version of Firefox doesn't
> support this very useful tag. Why is that the case?

Much of html5 code still is not supported by even some of the most
recent of the more popular browsers. Thus one needs to check on
several recent popular browsers when using html5.

If you post to a Firefox or Mozilla group you might find if Firefox
plans to add support.

If your computer will support IE9, you should upgrade to it, as it
supports much more html5 than earlier versions including IE8. I don't
know if it will support the code that interests you.
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