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Re: Lytro

Wolfgang Weisselberg
Posts: n/a
nospam <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Weisselberg <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>> >> I know a Mac can run Windows
>> >> but I am not a Windows user.

>> >> A few years ago I got hit with a root kit and have used Linux ever since

>> > then you will like a mac since os x is unix underneath,

>> Which means nothing at all.
>> First there are tons of different Unices. And while most of
>> them have similar tools, many don't have the GNU Tools ---
>> which are much more stable, feature rich and capable.

>> (Just for example, vendor "tail" programs do not necessarily
>> support displaying or watching the end of several files ...)

> that only matters to unix geeks.

And any setting on the camera other than full auto (including
RAW, exposure compensation, white balance) and stuff like proper
framing or noise or properly used flash and gear that's more
advanced than a point'n'shoot only matter to photography geeks.

Your point was?

> nearly everyone who buys a mac doesn't
> care about what 'tail' does (or even know what it means), however, for
> those who do, it's already there and if it doesn't do exactly what they
> want they can install a version that does.

And you do have sources that actually researched that?

>> > everything you
>> > do on linux will work natively,

>> No, it won't. At best, it would need to be recompiled.

>> Unfortunately, that's not enough. The code needs to be
>> ported. Which has it's own problems (i.e. migration of bug
>> fixes and new features into the Mac OS code base, people
>> willing to care for the port etc.)

> nearly everything has already been ported and recompiled for os x, and
> those same issues apply to any unix.

The premiere Unix today is Linux. For which it doesn't need to be
ported, since that's what it's developed upon.

>> > plus there's a lot of mac apps
>> > available too.

>> There's more Windows apps than that. The poster has given
>> up Windows. So "lots of apps" isn't an argument.

> quality versus quantity,

So you're also saying Mac applications are better. Voices in
your head telling you that?

> and a mac can run all of the windows apps
> alongside the mac apps. best of both worlds. add in the unix ones too
> for even more flexibility.

I see. A mac can do everything (and the moon's made out of cheese).
Bad news for you: Macs only matter to Mac geeks. Everyone else
doesn't care.

Actually, Linux can run all "windows apps", too.

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