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Cisco Router 2610 and Catalyst 3500XL (3524)

donniemoroetn donniemoroetn is offline
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I am new in configuring the Cisco routers and switches. I have a very basic question I am trying to do. First here is the basic configuration on my Router and Switch.

Router: Cisco 2610 (1 E0/0, 1 T1 card)
Switch: Cisco 3524 (24 Port Switch, 2 GIG Ethernet port)

We have a T1 line setup and configure to access the ATT internet using the E0/0 on Router. I can plug a PC into the Ethernet0/0 port on the Router and configure the Nic Card on the PC to access the internet purely as a test. Done.

We have acquire a Cisco 3524 (3500XL) Switch from a friend of ours. (All configurations has been dump and recreated) There is one VLAN1 already created on the switch and I want to (for now) use ALL the switch to access the VLAN1. (To get access to the internet)

I have figured out some of the commands I will need to set each of the Fast Ethernet port to use the VLAN1.

Here is the question? How can I get all the switch to access the Router for internet access?

Currently I have connect the Cisco Router E0/0 to the Cisco Switch FastEthernet 0/1. I want FastEthernet 0/1 to be the access to the internet for All remaining Switches 2-24.

I know on the VLAN (Cisco Switch) I can setup the information (DNS, Name Server, Etc) Does the VLAN1 Ip address needs to be the same as the Cisco Router E0/0?

If I am leaving out any important variables or information, please let me know?

Here is the basic configuration

Cisco Router e/0 ip address: I want all the Cisco Switch 2-24 to assign an 192.168.1.x from the VLan.
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sagitheron sagitheron is offline
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Hi donnie,

When you set the ip address on your router then you wouldnt need to touch your vlan1 at all. Vlan's are set to split subnets into categories, so they wouldnt mix.

If your friend didnt touch the switches vlans, then all its ports are automatically set to vlan1.

Vlan 10: Servers
Vlan 20: User

Those in vlan 20 cannot reach 10 and vice verca.
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