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Everybody ringing just one number

Brian A
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On Tue, 06 Mar 2012 12:08:41 -0600, Deux wrote:

> On Tue, 06 Mar 2012 08:20:43 -0600, OldGringo38 wrote:
>> Get a part time job on a farm, no Gym required.

> This is good advice; you don't need to work on a farm but you can get
> fit for much less and probably see better results.
> A typical gym will want £50 a month or £600 a year!
> Want to build muscle? Argos sell a weight set for £70 and expert advice
> is that you should use free weights, not 'machines'.
> Want to lose weight or get fit? You can get a decent pair of running
> shoes for £70 and an annual running club membership for £25. Plus you
> get to see more of the outdoors instead of staring at a wall.

The above is logical but going to a gym is quite different to exercising
at home. Firstly, you are doing it along side others which is a big
incentive to carry on. Secondly, it's social, you get to know the

If the voip company is dropping the call after 3 rings then use a
different company. I use a Betamax company and I've never experience a
call busy signal after only 4 rings so could it be something else?

My old Nokia phone could be set to redial a number and when the line is
free, then to connect. So, that type of program is not at all new.

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