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Draytek 2750vn and VOIP problems

preetkk preetkk is offline
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Can anyone help....

I have the Draytek 2750vn router, have tried all the settings i can think of but can not get VOIP to work properly.
The problem i have is i go to make a call firstly the ringing tone is not standard and secondly but more import both parties can not hear anything after answering the phone. Just a hiss noise that you get when you know your connected.

Hopefully someone can help

My voip provider is VOIPSTUNT

Also everytime I try make a call the VDSL (UK BT Infinity) connection drops and then reconnects.

I have tried two different providers VOIPSTUNT and VOIPBUSTER
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preetkk preetkk is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 2

More problems arose:

-Minor smell of electrical burning from the router
-Router started to interfere with telephone line, when telephone was picked up internet disconnected and also dial tone was not clear. (For users thinking its a filter issue - micro filters are not used with VDSL (BT Infinity) BT fit a VDSL plate on top of the master socket which has the necessarily filters, I have read that VDSL micro filters similar to the ADSL ones will be used in the future to aid self-install)
-And then my internet would not work at all in the end with this Dreytek router

Ended up being a Faulty router Dabs replaced the router and now everything is working perfect including VOIP
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