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Style XSD?

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Can a CSS stylesheet be referenced from within an XSD file? Can XSDs be
styled using CSS?

Using Opera's revolutionary email client:
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Martin Honnen
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dondeluise wrote:
> Can a CSS stylesheet be referenced from within an XSD file? Can XSDs be
> styled using CSS?

An XSD document is an XML document and XML documents can have an
"xml-stylesheet" processing instruction before the root element e.g.

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="sheet.css"?>

to indicate a stylesheet.

But XSD puts lots of its information into attributes (i.e. type,
maxOccurs, minOccurs) and so on and CSS is mostly aimed at styling text
content of elements and not attributes).


Martin Honnen --- MVP Data Platform Development
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Joe Kesselman
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You can also, of course, pass XSL through an XSL stylesheet... though
that's more useful for logic changes than for presentation. (See my
article on "styling stylesheets" on DeveloperWorks.)

Joe Kesselman,

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