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Re: or c#

Kevin Spencer
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A programming language is a definition of syntax. All programming languages
do the same things: Sequence, selection, and iteration. Learning a
programming language is a heck of a lot easier than learning a human
language. What I'm driving at is, learn the .Net platform, the .Net
programming paradigm. Pick a language. Whatever seeems easiest to you for
now will be fine. The language isn't going to make you a good .Net
programmer. Your understanding of the Platform will. Learning a new language
syntax xhoudn't take you more than a couple of days.

Kevin Spencer
..Net Developer
Microsoft MVP
I get paid good money to
solve puzzles for a living

"" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:iZH3d.1740929$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi,
> I'm rather new in ASP.NET environment (some 3 months) and would like to

> forward with my .NET knowledge.
> Would you recommend me to learn VB.NET or C#.
> I have ASP/VBScript background but want to start doing real programming
> Thanks in Advance
> --
> Vlado Jasovic
> Excelle Technologies Inc.
> "single source for all your computer needs"

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