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Distinctive features of TierDeveloper 4.0

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Some of the distinctive features of Tierdeveloper 4.0 are as follows.

Object handling

-Map to a single table or multiple tables
-Map to a view (read-only or in update mode)
-Define unmapped objects and create tables for them automatically.
-Support for auto-generated keys (Identity keys and sequenced values).
-Select subset of table-columns as object attributes

Transaction Support

-Specify insert, update, delete, and single-row select operations
-Specify multiple insert and single-row update operations
-Specify bulk updates and deletes with custom where-clause
-Specify transactional characteristics of objects for COM+
-Full transaction support for non-COM+ components in a parent-child relationship


-Specify joins
-Select subset of object attributes for retrieval
-Specify custom where-clause with nested queries, UNIONs, and others
-Accept run-time parameters
-Return a collection of objects as the output of query
-Support GetCount and GetPartialRows behavior in queries

Dynamic Queries

-Same as normal queries but with following additional features
-Specify where-clause at run-time
-Output of dynamic query is a collection of objects (just like normal queries)

Code Generation

-Complete re-architected template-based code generation engine.
-Code templates based on Javascript language and are customizable.
-Customize names for classes, methods, and properties.
-Generate .NET components in C# and VB.NET.
-Generate either COM+ or non-GAC code
-Build .NET components as private or shared assemblies
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